Clipping Masks

You used clipping masks while making a few of the cool logo effects. It is also a great way to make your text stand out. Below is an example of a clipping mask from the TV show Cougar Town. Also below is another example I made with a picture of Michigan Stadium and the text "THE BIG HOUSE." Masks can be made from pictures or shapes with different textures, fills or gradients. Be creative!





Clipping masks were covered in Photoshop and Illustrator, but here is another quick movie tutorial:
Clipping Mask Tutorial



  1. Create the SURF Clipping Mask in this tutorial.

  2. Create a clipping mask using the text of your favorite vacation spot and a mask of a picture from there.

  3. Ceate a clipping mask from your first (or last) name.
    Each letter should be a separate mask of a graphic (appropriate) that helps define who you are. Example

Post a JPG of each to your Wiki page.