School Improvement

The School Improvement Team has continued training both at the district level and by Kent Intermediate School District (KISD).

The staff must support a new instructional concept before it can be implemented through the BSI guidelines. Specific and coordinated goals related to student achievement were compatible with other buildings in the district and included the following goals:

  • Our Comprehensive School Improvement Goals state that All students will be proficient in Reading, Writing, and Math. 
  • We will continue our focus on creating self-managing students will be giving opportunities for students to demonstrate their empowerment (i.e. safe and orderly behavior, I-Care rules, Bucketfilling Behavior, and following of Social Contracts).

The following list is an explanation of the activities participated in by the staff in an effort to assist them in positively affecting students:

  • In-servicing work on the topics of Balanced Literacy, Capturing Kids' Hearts,  Learning Styles, Guided Reading, Zoo Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears, Bucket Fillers For Life, Art in Motion, Brain Based Research and Learning, and the Spartan Values were provided during the school year. The in-services were provided by members of our district staff and outside sources.
  • Staff members have attended training at KISD or conference sites for teaching strategies related to the academic standards, discipline, special needs students, learning styles, multi-intelligent learning, Michigan Literacy Progress Profile (MLPP), Trainer of Trainers of Reading Foundations, LETRS, DIBELs, Diversity, Math Investigations, and program delivery.


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