Title 1

At Appleview our Title I program provides services to students in grades 3-5 who need extra support in reading fluency and comprehension. Partially supported through Title I funds are 2 teacher assistants who work as a team with the classroom teachers to assist students. Students receive 30-45 minutes of assistance per day, four to five days a week.
Our primary intervention program is Read Naturally.  Read Naturally is a researched-based program that assists students with their ability to read fluently.  It has three components:  teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring.  It is based on several research-based theories including the following:

  • Students become good readers by reading.
  • Reading along with a more proficient reader improves word recognition and reading fluency.
  • Reading a passage several times improves fluency.
  • Self-monitoring of progress improves reading achievement.

While working with the Read Naturally program, students select interesting, nonfiction passages at reading levels best suited for their development.  They read the passage while listening to a recording of the passage and then practice the passage several times until they are able to read it at their goal rate.  Students monitor their progress by keeping a chart of timed readings before and after practicing each passage.
As a student’s fluency improves, he/she is given more difficult passages to read and higher goal rates to achieve.  Periodically, students bring home packets of passages they have already mastered so that parents/guardians can listen and discuss them with their students.

Computer software has been purchased with Title I monies to provide further practice in the academic areas as aligned with our standards. We have also been using the Accelerated Reader Program. This program is run by the classroom teacher in coordination with the library. Students are tested on the computer to determine their reading level. Once they have completed the test the student chooses a book at their level and interest to read. Each book is worth a certain number of points and as the student earns points by reading the book and passing the comprehension test, they earn rewards.



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