Early Start 4 Year Old's Readiness Preschool

For students who qualify, Sparta's Readiness Preschool provides children and their families with the extra attention and helping hand they may need to prepare for kindergarten. The free program, funded by a Michigan Department of Education grant and monitored by the state, helps provide area four-year-olds with the skills that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Research shows that the earlier children are reached with academic and social lessons, the more likely they will succeed later in school and life. This program allows children who may not generally have the chance to get the benefits of a quality preschool to get the skills needed to start kindergarten prepared.

About the Program

Children in Readiness Preschool get help in social and pre-academic skills, including language and literacy, art and creative expression, music and movement, dramatic play, and pre-math. Students meet for 2 ½ hours per day, four days a week. Small class sizes allow for more individualized attention and the ability for students to make their own choices. Students are encouraged to learn things hands-on and at their own pace.

Readiness Preschool recognizes that parents are children's first and most important teachers. Therefore, the program has a substantial outreach to families, including home visits, workshops and group meetings. Parents are also invited to participate in the classroom. The Readiness Preschool program is licensed and staffed by highly trained teachers certified in White Early Childhood Center (WECC) and Child Development.

To be eligible for the Readiness Preschool program, the child must be four years old by December 1 of the year the child is applying. Also, two of 25 state-developed criteria must be met such as:

  • low birth weight
  • language deficiency or immaturity
  • non-English or limited English speaking household
  • family history of low school achievement or drop-out
  • single parent
  • unemployed parent(s)
  • teenage parent
  • housing in rural or segregated area

Information on eligibility is gathered through a confidential application and interview process.

To receive an application or further information on the Readiness Preschool Program, call 887-0068 or 887-7321

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