Parents Supporting the Arts (PSA)

A volunteer organization promoting the fine arts in Sparta Area Schools and the Sparta community.

Anyone can join PSA by volunteering their time to help “put the ART in SPARTA!” Your time commitment can be a one-time effort or an on-going responsibility. The beauty of being involved with PSA is that everything you do directly benefits your child, the whole school and the community.


Our Mission is to support the Sparta Area Schools’ fine arts program and to promote the importance of art and music within the Sparta community and beyond.

There are many ways that you can help. Most volunteering needs are simple tasks that are not time consuming.

We are patterned after a “boosters” club and welcome input from all parents, guardians, grandparents, and interested citizens.

Look inside for a list of tasks that have been done in the past.

Volunteer Tasks

Some specific “jobs” include:

Changing artwork displayed in each elementary building, at the administration building or in other locations in the community.
Displaying artwork to be showcased at each grade level’s Fine Arts Program.
Serving refreshments at a Fine Arts Program.
Helping to coordinate the Original Works fund-raiser which includes processing orders and distributing a variety of goods featuring student artwork.
Helping to plan FAD (Fine Arts Day), a chance for parents and their children to create art and music together.
And many more opportunities to support student music and art within the Sparta community and beyond.

In 2001 PSA raised about $2000 and presented the first annual FAD – Fine Arts Day, which served about 200 families.


PSA volunteers have accomplished much to boost the creative talents of Sparta elementary school students. Here are a few examples.

1.  In 1997 the group was founded by Central and Ridgeview Elementary art teachers, Heidi Nibbelink and Wendy Burrows, and by Central Elementary music teacher, Monica Meyers, to better showcase the students’ artistic and musical talents.
2.  In 1999 the first Original Works fundraiser was held. To support the arts in the schools, families can purchase a variety of good ­– from coffee mugs to T-shirts and more – featuring the artwork of Central and Ridgeview students.
3.  In 2000 with the proceeds of the fund-raiser, PSA purchased Arts Express teachers’ guide books and visual aid materials to enhance the K-4 art curriculum, and also to assist with cross-curriculum teaching (for example using art skills to teach reading, social studies, etc.).
4.  In 2000 with the assistance of PSA volunteers, the format of the Fine Arts concert and art exhibit at Central was changed by splitting the performance into a two-night event and “moving it” from Ridgeview back to Central. Parents were pleased with the changes that made each program shorter, more personal and “friendlier” since it was held in the students’ own building.

Parents Supporting the Arts (PSA)

Building Representatives:

White Early Childhood Center
Lois Price, 887-7506 x3216
Ridgeview Elementary

Heidi Mitchell, 887-7506 x3115
Appleview Elementary

Sandie Ballard, 887-7506 x4121
Sparta Middle School

Julie Homan, 887-7506 x2334

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