High School Newsletter

School Safety Initiative

 In order to keep our schools as safe as possible,  Sparta Area Schools will partner with Interquest Detection Canines (http://www.interquestk9.com/schools.html ) during the 2010-11 school year.

Interquest provides random, unannounced visits to campus to provide a deterrent to the presence of prohibited contraband on campus.  Interquest will search lockers, parking lots, vehicles, common areas and unaccompanied classrooms.

 5th Quarters

 Sparta High School will host 5th Quarters on September 24 and October 22.  5th Quarters run immediately following home football games until 11:00 pm.  Students are able to choose from the following activities:  open gym,  open weight room, access to technology,  gamine systems, and movies.  Transportation is provided from the football field to the high school.   Please pick up your student promptly at 11:00 pm.

 Dress Code:

 Staff and Parent input at the end of the last school year made it clear that something needed to be done to address the issues we were having with student clothing choices. This year, the staff has made a commitment to rededicate ourselves to enforcing the dress code. We discussed what our expectations were and determined where the line of acceptable vs. unacceptable. To communicate this to our students, we met with them the first day of school in two groups. Our female students and staff met and had the expectations defined for them by Mrs. Converse in the auditorium and our male students and staff met with Mr. Stamas in the gymnasium. Some key points in those discussions were:

  1. All underwear should not be visible at anytime. The next three items are to reinforce this expectation.
  2. Pants should be worn at the waist.
  3. Clothing should be free of holes from mid-thigh to shoulders.
  4. No spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops.
  5. Shorts should be of appropriate length. The dress code defined this as a 4” inseam. Through our discussions, the staff determined that approx. 2” seemed a more appropriate guideline.
  6. Low cut shirts are inappropriate. The guideline for “low cut” was defined as a line going from armpit to armpit. Anything below this line met the definition of too low.

Starting on the second day of school, these expectations were reinforced with the students by having them correct their inappropriate clothing. They were not started on the progressive discipline process for dress code unless they had the same issue numerous times during the first week of school. The progression for dress code is:

  1. Student corrects clothing issue.
  2. Student corrects clothing issue and a call home is made to inform parents/guardians of 2nd dress code violation.
  3. Student corrects clothing issue and receives consequence for insubordination (not following directions).

Cell Phones

 The guidelines for cell phone usage in the high school have changed this year. Students are allowed to use their phones in the building:

  1. In the morning until 8:05 am, when first block begins.
  2. During their lunch in the lunch room.
  3. At 3:00pm when classes end for the day.

At all other times, cell phones are to be turned off and put away. A student who does not follow these expectations will have their cell phone taken and sent to the office. The first time, they pick the phone up on their way out of the building for the day. The second violation and after, a parent/guardian must pick up the phone. Starting with the third violation, the students begin to earn consequences for insubordination.


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