District Procedures for Determination of a Specific Learning Disability
June, 2010

Sparta Area Schools will utilize an underachievement plus Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses model for the determination of a specific learning disability.

A specific learning disability can be in one or more of the following areas:  basic reading, reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression, math calculation, math reasoning, listening comprehension or oral expression.  A student may be found to demonstrate inadequate achievement if his/her performance on an individually administered achievement measure of the skill area in question falls at the district determined percentile on national or local norms, when provided with appropriate instruction using state approved grade level content expectations.

A pattern of strengths and weaknesses is based on the following:

A “pattern of strengths” means at least three separate assessment measures within two or more assessment areas (one of which may be an observation) in at least one skill area of concern.

A “pattern of weaknesses” means at least four separate assessment measures within two or more assessment areas (one of which may be observation) in the skill area of concern for the initial evaluation or subsequent redetermination of eligibility for specific learning disability.

In making a determination as to whether a student has or continues to have a specific learning disability, Sparta Schools will also comply with all applicable federal regulations and State rules.  This includes rules addressing:

  • comprehensive evaluations,
  • determination of the existence of a specific learning disability,
  • observation of academic performance and behavior in the areas of difficulty,
  • specific documentation for SLD eligibility determination,
  • re-evaluation requirements. 
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